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Curve - The Belgie Disc



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We design our bikes to be ridden every day. Our road bikes have flat-mount disc brakes to allow you to ride during the hottest and wettest days of the year while maintaining powerful braking and a safer ride. Pair your Curve titanium frame with a set of Curve carbon wheels for the ultimate smooth, fast ride.

Go further

At the core of each frame is a 3Al - 2.5V Grade 9 Aerospace grade titanium tube-set. This grade is optimal for the manufacture of bicycle frames and has been chosen for its balance of stiffness, compliance and durability. Titanium absorbs road noise without compromising on performance - there’s no buzzy feedback, it’s smooth as silk and very compliant - so you can spend more time on the bike.

Invest in happiness

Curve titanium frames come with a Lifetime Warranty, so that you can be sure the bike you love most will be the bike you love longest. We design every Curve product at our Abbotsford headquarters, then test them out in the real world, under the toughest conditions.

Join the Squawk Squad

The Curve Crew grew out of Melbourne, Australia and has now expanded across the globe. Curve riders everywhere share the same ethos - a Curve is more than just a bike: it’s a tool that can change your life. It can be for pure fun, for pushing boundaries, and for seeking freedom out there on the road.

Curve - The Belgie Disc

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